Six Second Video Advertising For An ADHD World

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Opinion, Video Advertising | No Comments

As new formats like inRead are becoming more popular, brands need to realize that they are no longer making ads for television where they can expect the viewer to follow an entire storyline for 30 – 40 seconds. Video advertising for the web needs to be much faster and take some special considerations into mind.

For starters,  the brand needs to be visible in the first three seconds of the video. Especially if you’re having your ad run on YouTube where the vast majority of people skip the ad immediately, at least you want to get your brand seen before the skip.

Secondly, as outstream formats such as inRead take off, realize that your ad will have sound off by default. So either make the visuals appealing without the need for words or music or otherwise put some captions at the bottom of your ad. Yes, these changes will definitely require your production agency to rethink how they make commercials.

Perhaps most drastic of all, cut your ad time in half or more. I would say fifteen seconds is about the most an online viewer is willing to bear these days. However even this might be too long as i’ve recently discovered. Vine is showing us that six second advertising is where this ADHD world is headed. It’s actually quite amazing what can be communicated in just six seconds. Now if we could only turn off the auto-repeat feature… :)


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