Parallax Scrolling In HTML

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Parallax Scrolling In HTML

Ever since the Ninetendo NES introduced parallax scrolling in their games in the 80′s, i’ve been fascinated with this technology. Animating different layers of an image to scroll at different speeds gives the effect of three dimensionality, motion and lends the entire experience an real-life feel to it. That’s why i’ve been really excited to see so many great examples of parallax scrolling popping up in HTML sites all over.

Here are a couple of the great examples that we’ve seen lately:

1. Despite many saying that it is not possible, here is smooth parallax scrolling activated by scrolling gestures on an iPad by Aerian. A little explanation on how this was achieved here.


2. This small demo site featuring parallax scrolling by designed Toronto Graphic also works on iPad/iPhone. An explanation of how it was made is here.

3. The Jess and Russ site is super fun! If you scroll down, the site tells the story of how Jess and Russ met and got married, all using parallax scrolling to animate the story.

4. Last but not least, a really cool parallax scrolling Titanic themed promo website by Q Music.


Have you seen any great parallax scrolling examples in HTML lately? Post them in the comments section.

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