NZZ First Premium Publisher In Switzerland To Launch New inRead Video Ad Format

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NZZ First Premium Publisher In Switzerland To Launch New inRead Video Ad Format

Congratulations to the fabulous online advertising team at NZZ for launching the new premium video ad format named inRead and developed by the french startup

Exclusively distributed in Switzerland and Austria by Alensa, the inRead format represents a significant shift in the online advertising market. Last month we wrote about how display advertising would soon be replaced by video ads, and the inRead format is a clear shift in this direction.

The inRead format is particularly unique because it opens up a huge new source of video ad inventory for publishers. By embedding the video ad directly within the text-body of a page, and by placing the ad always below the fold, the format creates inventory where there was none before and monetizes the traditionally difficult to monetize below the fold segment. In fact the format creates so much more inventory than do pre-rolls, that we believe this innovation will finally allow TV ad budgets to really start moving to online publishers.

The adoption of inRead has been meteoric internationally and Switzerland is no exception. We expect to see all premium publishers switching to the format within the coming weeks.

NZZ has made a nice video demonstration of the format here.

For any enquiries on this format, feel free to e-mail us at info(@)


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