Marketing Is A Game

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Marketing Is A Game

We’re taking the title of this post quite literally. Game mechanics will be used in everything from getting you to do exercise all the way to saving the world. Somewhere in between those two will be game mechanics designed to sell things to you as well, but at least it will be in a lot more fun and cool way than we are being sold to today.

At their core, game mechanics are rather simple. They are about designing a challenge for a user, making it difficult but not so that it can’t be achieved, providing ample rewards and incentives along the way and then allowing the user to show off their achievements to others. Game mechanics are about creating fun incentives for users to do things. The basics of game mechanics simply fulfill our collective desires for instant gratification, for something to do while we are bored and of course for the recognition of our achievements by our peers.

The Future Belongs To Game Designers

Considering the effectiveness of games in keeping people engaged, it seems inevitable that we will soon live in a world full of gameified processes. As one game marketing agency executive put it: “we’re even going to buy our insurance through games”. Well the video below is about the closest projection of that reality we have ever seen. It’s absolutely fantastic and the level of detail that has gone into this production is astounding. Watch it at least a few times using the pause button to get all the nuances. Warning: it gets pretty dark towards the end. Happy viewing!

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

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