L’Oreal CMO Comments On Social Media ROI

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L’Oreal CMO Comments On Social Media ROI

There’s a very interesting article in Digiday today on comments made by L’Oreal CMO Marc Speichert about Social ROI and on how L’Oreal is staying relevant with consumers by focusing on content creation. This is clearly becoming a hot button topic at the moment as the presentations at Digitas yesterday showed.

On Social ROI, Marc Speichert points out that the measures for ROI are very much dependent on the purpose of the campaign and the social channel it is running on. He explains “ROI is defined differently in the various paths of purchase. ROI for ads trying to get followers is going to be different than the ROI for posts that drive people to the e-commerce site. There needs to be a fragmented look at ROI in social media because the KPIs are different depending on what you are doing on the various platforms.”

On the topic of content creation, the L’Oreal insight was that consumers are becoming much more specific in their searches and so creating relevant content is the best way to achieve visibility in a crowded space.

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