Facebook To Launch inFeed Style Video Ads Inside The News Feed

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in News, Opinion, Video Advertising | No Comments

As Facebook seeks more effective advertising monetization strategies, much like the rest of the industry, it is now quickly turning to video advertising. Today’s report in Digiday that Facebook will soon be launching a video ad format inside the News Feed confirms this. Video ads inside the News Feed will monetize at far higher rates than the traditional display advertising outside of the News Feed and therefore are an inevitable trend that will be replicated on all major social networks.

As a representative of Teads.tv, we of course wish that Facebook had chosen the inFeed format rather than going for its own homegrown version, but we nonetheless expect the inFeed format to find significant traction with other networks.

As for the argument in the Digiday article that this move could backfire for Facebook, I generally disagree with this. The inFeed format is actually very user friendly in that it provides a good space for branding without being annoying to the user. It doesn’t at all stop you from getting to your content like a pre-roll does. If you don’t like the ad, you just scroll on past it. As the sound is off by default, there is no jarring surprise for the user when the ad starts. So unless the network gets the capping wrong and shows too many of these ads to a user per day, I don’t see that users would be annoyed by this at all.

Well done to Facebook for once again being an innovator on the market – a great achievement for such as large company.

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