Alensa launches Test Drive Booker for Facebook

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For a number of years we have been testing the limits of what is possible commercially inside Facebook. For example we were the first company in Europe to develop an online store system where the entire checkout process was within Facebook. However we soon realized that purchasing products was not necessarily the killer feature that users we waiting for on Facebook.

Fast forward a few years and our initial efforts found traction in the area of lead generation. Instead of sending users outside of Facebook to fill out a form, we realized it would be much more efficient to let them do so within their News Feed.

Our initial tests with car brands wishing to find users to test-drive their new car models was very successful. Within a short time, we had a number of car brands using our system and generating great results.

Today we announce the launch of – a service exclusively dedicated to allowing car brands and car dealerships to target and convert Facebook users into test-drivers. The service offers a free trial and includes numerous targeting possibilities including:

- Geographic: All Facebook users in a city / all users in a country

- Demographic: By sex / By age i.e. everyone between 25 and 45 years

- Interest based: All fans of Jeep / users who like cars / fans of Top Gear

- Retargeting: For example people who visited the website of the advertiser in the last four weeks / People who visited the Facebook page of the advertiser in the last two months.

- Custom Audiences: Members of the advertiser’s e-mail newsletters

- Look-a-like audiences: People who share the same profile as the fans of the advertiser’s Facebook page.

- Device specific: For example iPad’s, desktop PC’s and smartphones

We’re really excited about the launch of this product and will be reporting on its performance regularly.

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