A Facebook News Feed Wish For The New Year

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A Facebook News Feed Wish For The New Year

Dear Facebook,

How cool would it be if you could go from a picture inside the News Feed directly into an app ? We don’t mean jumping to a tab page or, even worse, a landing page outside of Facebook. No, we mean you click on the picture and the picture dissolves directly into an app right there. Why is this important? Well because posts with pictures get a lot more engagement than anything else. A recent HubSpot study showed that ‘photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post…and attracted 104% more comments than the average post’. This is important because, as HubSpot points out, “increasing Likes and comments improves your EdgeRank score causing a page’s content to appear in News Feeds more often, increasing visibility”

Currently if you want to load an app in the News Feed, you can not use a cover photo. The app, in its minimized mode, has a small thumbnail image just like a video or link post. The picture below shows how much more visible real pictures are compared to these thumbnail images

Since we believe that the move towards having fully functioning brand applications inside the News Feed is inevitable, as we pointed out yesterday to enable the combination of the two makes seems to be the perfect solution.

That’s number one on our wishlist for 2013. Thanks Facebook!

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